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  • Do you have a parking?
    No, we do not have a private parking. When you arriving in Marina di Praia, you can find the Castellano Parking (follow the directions here: https: // ) a 3 minute walk from us. No agreement.
  • How is it possible to reach you?
    It is possible to reach us both by sea and by land: If you arrive by car or scooter, you can park at the Castellano Parking (follow the directions here: ) and continue on foot for 3 minutes along the path that runs along the sea. If you arrive by sea it is possible to book our buoy for boats up to 10mt (32ft).
  • Do you have a shuttle service?
    No, unfortunately we don't have a shuttle service
  • What is the difference between Special Dinner and Regular Dinner?
    The difference is in the placement of the tables. The Special Dinner tables are set on the cliff next to the sea. They are reserved for couples only and for dinner only. To enjoy the Special Dinner we require a minimum purchase of € 200.00 per couple with à la carte menu (see our menu here: ). To find out more and to book the Special Dinner visit our dedicated section: < / a> The tables for a regular dinner are placed on the outdoor terrace or in the main room In this case there is no obligation to pay a minimum. To find out more and to book at the restaurant, visit our dedicated section: < /p>
  • Is it possible to see the menu?
    Our digital menu:
  • How can I book a table at the Lounge Bar?
    We do not accept reservations for the Lounge Bar. It is possible to enjoy a drink at any time. Our Lounge Bar is open from 8:00 to 24:00 approximately.
  • How can I book the sun beds?
    Sunbeds can only be booked through our website in the section dedicated to the Beach Club: beach-club .
  • Do you have options for celiacs / vegans / vegetarians?
    Yes. We have several options for celiacs, vegans or vegetarians. Our goal is to satisfy all your requests. Our Menu:
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